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Department history

Department of differential equations was created in 1966 on the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the Dnepropetrovsk State University. Associate Professor B.I. Kryukov headed by of the Department. Staff of the Department was as follows in 1966: Associate Professor B.I. Kryukov, Associate Professor V.A. Ostapenko, senior lecturer O.V. Zenkin, Assistant I.N. Shields, Assistant L.I. Shelest, senior laboratory L.V. Lybina.

The Laboratory of “Vibration Machines” (Head Assoc.Prof. Logvinenko E.A.) was organized at the Department in 1969. The study of the dynamics of vibration non-linear systems which are generating asymmetric vibrations were conducted in this Laboratory. The methods of calculation and design principles of new resonance vibration machines have been developed as a result. Here were designed, manufactured and introduced asymmetric vibration platforms, cluster plants, screen machines which allow to not only intensify the processes but the reduce the consumption of energy and materials and the fall of noise level up to sanitary standards. Division “Vibrational Technics” at the Department of Differential Equations was created with the aim of the implementation acceleration of the research results in 1971.

A number of scientific and engineering organizations with priority of vibrational Technics were created in capital of USSR given the high economic efficiency of the new vibrational equipment, which was created the department staff, and the need the wide implementation into constructional industry of country. The government had decided to transfer of Prof. B.I. Kryukov, Assoc.Prof. Logvinenko E.A. (Head of Department), Ph.D. Litvin L.M. (Chief designer Department) as the heads of these organizations. At the end of the work (in 1979) these scientists were awarded the State Prize for the development of the theory of nonlinear systems, which are generating asymmetric vibrations, calculation methods and design principles of resonant vibration of machines and widespread adoption of scientific achievements in industry. All the theoretical and experimental studies were carried out at the Department of Differential Equations at the Dnepropetrovsk University.

In time the workload and the number of employees of the Department were increased. The skills of teachers are constantly improved. Professor Ostapenko (1975-1995), Professor NV Polyakov (1995-2014), Professor P. Kogut from 2014 (to the present) were headed the Department after Prof. B.I. Kryukov.

  • Крюков Б_И
    Б.И. Крюков (зав. КДУ 1966-1975 гг.)
  • Остапенко
    В.А. Остапенко (зав. КДУ 1975-1995 гг.)
    Н.В. Поляков (зав. КДУ 1995-2014 гг.)
    П.И. Когут (зав. КДУ с 2014 года)

Prof. I.N. Shitov, Prof. V.A. Tychinin, Prof. M.V. Dmitriev, Assoc. Prof. V.I.Perechrest, Assoc.Prof. O.V. Zenkin, Assoc. Prof. G.I. Skorokhod, Assoc. Prof. V.B. Spivakovsky (Israel), Assoc.Prof. V.B. Kamen (USA), Assoc. Prof. T.V. Ridvanskaya, Assoc. Prof. A.A. Busurulov, Senior Lecture S.M. Ilyinа, Assistant E.S. Mnouchkina, Assistant V.Z. Kachan, Assistant N.D. Pashkovskaya, Assistant S.A. Tyr worked at the Department at various times.

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In 1997-1998 Department participated in scientific and applied research on the program “Sea Launch” together with the design department “Southern”.

Four doctoral theses (V.A. Ostapenko, I.N. Shitov, M.V. Dmitriev, V.A. Tychinin) and 15 master’s theses were protected since the establishment of the Department to the currently.