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The department of differential equations along with the department of mathematical analysis, functional analysis and geometry and algebra offer bachelor and master programs in MATHEMATICS

List of certificates

  1. Ukrainian language and literature
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics or foreign language

The department of differential equations offers fundamental training in mathematics and in-depth knowledge of science.

After successful completion of the master program, graduates will obtain a qualification of Mathematician, MSc in Mathematics.

Bachelors and masters in Mathematics will have flawless logical reasoning; develop mathematical models of various physical processes; work in the field the business analytics, logistics, financial mathematics, image processing, and conduct competitive intelligence using the information from the Internet. Moreover, they will be able to develop, implement and apply mathematical methods and algorithms in different industries, conduct independent scientific research.

After graduation, Bachelors and Specialists in Mathematic can work as engineers; software developers; consultants in the field of mathematics and software in various consultancy companies; teachers of mathematics. Masters in Mathematics may work as researchers, senior or chief engineers, head of laboratory in scientific organizations, teaching staff in universities.

A significant number of state sponsored positions are offered for the bachelor and master programs at the department of differential equations.